Difference Between Predefined and Copy Campaign Designs


Difference Between Predefined and Copy Campaign Designs

When you are creating a new campaign, you will notice that you have two options for Campaign Design. The choices are Predefined Campaign or Copy Campaign. In this article I am going to explain the functionality of each of these options.

Predefined Campaigns are simply campaign designs that we store in our database to allow for rapid campaign development. When you select this option, it will allow you to drill down to select a Campaign Type. Current options as you see in the screenshot below are:

  • Live Transfers or Voicemail Leads
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Mass Notification

After you select the Campaign Type, you can then select a specific Call Flow option if you are choosing Live Transfers or Voicemail Leads OR Mass Notification. Polls and Surveys do not have any stored Call Flows as you would build this yourself from the Call Flow section after campaign creation.

The Call Flow options are simply variations of key-press options that most users would normally choose in production. If you do not see a call flow option that fits your requirements then you can simply fill out a ticket and we can customize a call flow for you.

Think of the Call Flow as the collection of IVR Prompts and Key-presses that your call recipient will navigate through when they receive the call.

Copy Campaign is a function that will create a copy of an existing campaign. It is important to understand what we copy and what we do not copy.

Here is what we copy:

Call Flow - This refers to the entire IVR from the campaign you are copying. (i.e. - Press 1 to Transfer, Press 9 for DNC)

If you had any customizations performed by support, those will also get copied. For instance, Lets say you need Press 1 transfer to instead be Press 5 transfer. Support can customize your call flow since press 5 is not an option within predefined campaigns.

Audio Files - All audio files that you have uploaded to your campaign will get copied.

Caller ID and Transfer Number - The Caller ID and Transfer Number(s) will get copied. 

AM Detection Settings - Your Answering Machine Detection Settings will get copied.

Call Recording - Your call recording preferences will get copied. (if applicable)

Voicemail by Email - Your Voicemail by Email Preferences will get copied. (if applicable)

Here is what we DO NOT copy:

Database - We do not copy any data from your existing campaign.

Telephony Area - We do not copy Campaign Assignments or Line Assignments from your existing campaign.

Other Notable Mentions:

  • Voicemails, Archived VM's, Call Recordings, Reports, and CDR's do not get copied.
  • Although Schedules do not get copied, you can still bind any existing schedule to your copied campaign.
  • DNC Center is a global area which is not campaign specific. This is why it was not mentioned.
  • You can copy a campaign and then edit anything afterwards. For instance, you could copy a campaign and then change the Caller ID on the new campaign if you needed that to be unique.

Common Uses of Copy Campaign:

  • To save time on some configuration tasks that are repetitive when creating multiple campaigns.
  • To replicate a customized campaign which Dialtel prepared for you.
  • To separate data into multiple campaigns.


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