Configuration Summary


Configuration Summary

The Configuration Summary is a section of the Summary link. Here is a screenshot below showing the information we will cover in this article.

Campaign ID - This is the unique ID that we use to identify the campaign. Please refer to the ID when dealing with support rather than the name of the campaign.

Campaign Name - This is the name you give your campaign for your own internal tracking purposes.

Campaign Description - This is an optional field you can use to add more information about your campaign.

Campaign Status - This is the campaigns status. You can refresh the status using the refresh button just to the right.

Calling Country - The Country this campaign is provisioned to dial.

Start Date - This is the start date of your campaign.

End Date - This is the end date of your campaign.

Time Zone Scheduling - This is the Time Zone Scheduling preference for your campaign.

Selected Schedule - This is the currently bound schedule you are using with your campaign.

Calling Hours - This gives you a view of the hours you programmed into the Selected Schedule.
Caller ID - The current Caller ID you have programmed for your campaign.

Display Name - Reserved for customers who order Caller ID with Caller Name Delivery.

Transfer Number(s) - The currently programmed transfer number(s) for the campaign.

AM Detection - Your current AM Detection preferences.

Assigned Lines (used) - The current amount of lines you have assigned to the campaign.

Assigned Dialer(s) - The list of currently assigned dialer(s) you have on the campaign.

Other Notes

  • Depending on the Campaign Type, some fields may not be visible that you see in this article.
  • This is a great place to see all your configuration details in one spot.


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