Scrubbing a Dial List Against DNC


Scrubbing a Dial List Against DNC

Scrub Against DNC is a subsection of Miscellaneous, which is a section under the Database Management link. Here is a screenshot below highlighting the subsection.

Scrub Against DNC

When you click on Scrub Against DNC, you will get a popup window showing you the following information in the screenshot below.

You will notice two options to choose from.

"Delete all records that are found in National/Inhouse database"


"Update call result field for all records that are found in National/Inhouse database"

Both options will clean your campaign effectively. The reason we have delete is for customers that simply want to purge all the DNC from their Dial List. The reason for updating the call result is for customers that want to track which numbers are marked as DNC in their DialList.

Other Notes

  • When you choose to mark the call result, you cannot reset the record(s) for further calling. You can however delete the record(s) by running the process again and choosing the delete option.
  • The National and Inhouse DNC databases are populated by the customer, we do not provide any DNC data.
  • The reason for having National and Inhouse is to allow customers to differentiate between DNC Subscriptions with the federal/state level AND their own internal DNC requests.
  • When you Scrub Against DNC, it only affects the campaign you are currently managing. Matching phone numbers in other campaigns will not get deleted or have the call result updated.

Notes Regarding In-House Management

  • Campaigns that utilize a DNC option will automatically mark the called record when a recipient opts-out.
  • Duplicate records in the same campaign or other campaigns will not get marked unless you run the Scrub Against DNC option.
  • Anytime you import new data in your dial list, you should Remove Duplicates and Scrub Against DNC.
  • Anytime you reset records from a database you should Scrub Against DNC.




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