Managing InHouse DNC Database


Managing InHouse DNC Database

You can import, export, delete, and scrub against the InHouse DNC Database that you have in your account. Refer to the screenshot below to see all the features we will cover in this article.

InHouse DNC Summary

You can view the total record count, export, and delete your InHouse DNC database.

Export will download a carbon copy of all the data you have stored in your InHouse DNC Database.

Delete will do just as it says. It will delete your entire InHouse DNC Database and bring it back to 0 records.

Import List (InHouse DNC)

You can import lists into the InHouse DNC by clicking "Browse" and locating a file to upload to the server.

The only required field is Telephone. You can however import some extra fields which are:

  • FirstName
  • MiddleName
  • LastName
  • Address
  • Address2
  • City
  • State
  • ZipCode
  • Zip4

Unlike the dial list, there are no custom fields to import into the InHouse DNC Database. You will need to make sure that your DNC list does not contain fields that do not match to our internal fields or you will not be able to set them as NULL to ignore them.

We also follow the same logic as the dial list so you have to map from left to right.

When you are finished mapping the data, click Submit to finish the import process.

DNC Scrubber (InHouse DNC)

You can use the DNC Scrubber to remove or mark phone numbers from the current campaign you are managing. You will notice two options to choose from.

"Delete all records that are found in InHouse database"


"Update call result field for all records that are found in InHouse database"

Both options will clean your campaign effectively. The reason we have delete is for customers that simply want to purge all the DNC from their Dial List. The reason for updating the call result is for customers that want to track which numbers are marked as DNC in their DialList.

Other Notes

  • When you choose to mark the call result, you cannot reset the record(s) for further calling. You can however delete the record(s) by running the process again and choosing the delete option.
  • The InHouse DNC database is populated by the customer, we do not provide any DNC data.
  • When you Scrub Against InHouse DNC, it only affects the campaign you are currently managing. Matching phone numbers in other campaigns will not get deleted or have the call result updated.
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