This article is designed to teach you how to get proper support. First, lets discuss the options which will help you to work with us to solve any issues that arise with your account.

  • Support Ticket
  • Chat Support
  • Phone Support
  • Knowledge Base

Support Ticket

The first step to receive proper support is to log your issue in our Support Ticket system. This is crucial for our internal tracking and resolution procedures.

To submit a support ticket you will click on your user icon in the top right of the site and then select Contact Support. The screenshot below highlights this option.


After you select this option, you will see the page below.

If your issue is campaign specific, please make sure you are loaded into the correct campaign for which you are having an issue. Just to be safe, you should reference your Campaign ID so we are 100% sure we are troubleshooting the correct campaign.

We stress using the Campaign ID rather than the Campaign Name. We have had many situations where similarly named campaigns cause confusion and push us in the wrong direction to resolving an issue.

Do your best to explain the issue so we can get a clear picture of your problem. This will help us to understand and resolve your issue quicker without the need to ask additional questions. However, if we feel there is incomplete information, we will respond to you and inquire for more information about your issue.

Also, try to select a Help Topic that is the closest match to the issue you are experiencing. If none of the topics are relative, please choose "Other" as a topic. If the issue is not campaign specific, mention this when you describe the issue.

Chat Support

After you have filled out a ticket, you can feel free to pursue chat support. This option is not available unless an agent is logged into the Chat Support System. If there is an agent logged in, the chat support button will be visible in the bottom right of your screen. Below is a screenshot showing the chat button when an agent is logged in.

When you see the chat support button, it means an agent is available to handle incoming chats. Please use this feature AFTER submitting a ticket so we have a record of the request for internal tracking and resolution of reported issues.

Phone Support

You can also call our toll free number at (800) 788-5078. Currently, we fork the calls to multiple support representatives. This option is not designed for training but rather for logging and routing support requests. You should have first filled out a ticket before opting for phone support.

The idea of phone support is to create more visibility for our team and attempt higher escalation if you are not getting a quick response from the Support Ticket you filled out.

Knowledge Base

Please browse our Knowledge Base at

We have put together in depth documentation covering every part of our site from top to bottom. Please check here for information that may help you to resolve your issue. At this point, your support ticket should be getting proper attention. However, you may find that the answer to your problem is covered in our knowledge base.

Feel free to use the search function of the support site to type in keywords that may lead to the most appropriate articles that relate to your support issue.

Support Link

We have also added a support link so you can see the full range of support options on one page! Keep in mind that the Chat Support will not work unless an agent is available.


Other Notes

  • We manage a large network with a small crew. We put lots of effort into creating a system that will perform like an enterprise platform while maintaining cost effective rates and service. Try your best to educate yourself on our platform and assist us with growing our products and services through a mutual effort and partnership.
  • Refer your business partners to our platform if you feel they can benefit from it. We grow through word of mouth and grassroots style marketing. If we can do things better and more efficiently, we would like to hear about it.
  • We are continuously coding and developing to make our products and services stronger in the marketplace. If you find bugs in our system, please report them so we can prioritize and fix them.
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