Choosing Campaign Type


Choosing Campaign Type

When you create a new campaign, you will notice 3 options for the Campaign Type when using a Predefined Campaign design. As you can see in the below screenshot, these 3 options are:

  • Live Transfers or Voicemail Leads
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Mass Notification

Live Transfers or Voicemail Leads are combined into one category although they offer completely different functionality.

Live Transfers refers to the action of bridging the outbound call to your desired transfer number(s) when a call recipient presses the desired touch-tone in your call flow.

Voicemail Leads refers to the action of sending the call to an internal voicemail box when the call recipient presses the desired touch-tone in your call flow.

Polls and Surveys allow you to create multiple questions and direct the call recipient based on the touch-tone they press.

Mass Notification is a very basic campaign design where you play a message and hangup.

Final Notes:

  • Do not get confused between Voicemail Leads and leaving messages on Answering Machines. Voicemail Leads are generated via interaction from the call recipient.
  • Answering Machine messages can be left on all campaign types and therefore is a campaign specific option you can turn ON or OFF no matter which campaign type you choose.
  • We have Transfer Reports, Voicemail Reports, and Poll Activity Reports which generate in real time as you run your campaign. The report you see will depend on the campaign type you choose.
  • Any of these campaign types can be customized to fit your needs by our support team. This could be adding a transfer step to a poll or survey or pretty much anything else your brain can conjure up.
  • Any of these campaign types, once customized, can be copied using Copy Campaign to rapidly build your account for the purposes you see fit.


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