Detailed Summary


Detailed Summary

The Detailed Summary is a subsection of the Call Results Summary which is found in the Summary link. Here is a screenshot below showing the information we will cover in this article.

Selecting a Period to Filter Stats

There are 6 filters for displaying stats. These are Last One Hour, Today, Last Three Days, Last One Week, Last One Month, and ALL.

It is extremely important to understand the difference between the first 5 filters and the ALL filter!

Historical Filter

Last One Hour, Today, Last Three Days, Last One Week, and Last One Month are historical filters. This means that it is not a representation of the current state of the dial list.

I cannot stress that this is extremely important to understand! This means that if you have a database of 10,000 phone numbers AND you call this list 10 times, you will end up with 100,000 called records. When you run one of these filters, you will see historical stats including database resets that you have performed on the database.

Therefore, this is not a good way to make decisions on which records you want to reset for further calling. You will not get an accurate view of the current state of your dial list using any of these historical filters.

Current Filter

The ALL filter will give you a view of the current state of your database. This means that if 5400 are No Answer AND you decide to reset No Answer, you will get 5400 numbers that are ready to dial again.

When you run the ALL filter, the SUM of all dispositions will be EQUAL to the amount of records in your database. This gives you precise control over resetting the appropriate data in the campaign. Always use the ALL filter to make decision on which data you want to reset for further calling.

Other Notes

  • This article will not explain the dispositions that you see when running the filter. This will be reserved for a different help topic.
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