Managing Mass Notification Call Flow


Managing Mass Notification Call Flow

When you create a Mass Notification campaign, you will have prompts as shown in the screenshot below.

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast Message for Mass Notification campaigns consist of Live Message and Answering Machine. This campaign is designed strictly for sending messages without any touch-tone interactions. The only exception is that we do allow a DNC option to be used when choosing the Call Flow.

Live Message is the audio file that plays to the call recipient when they answer the phone. After the message plays, the call will get disconnected.

Answering Machine is the audio file that drops into answering machine / voicemail systems that you reach.

Updating Prompts

When you update the prompt, you can choose to "Upload File" or "Record by Phone". The changes are effective immediately and can be made even while a campaign is running without any issues. Keep in mind however that you should always make a "test call" anytime you make changes to the prompts.


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