Dialer Status Indicators


Dialer Status Indicators

Dialer Status Indicators tell you the current status of each dialer system for which your campaign is assigned. Here is a screenshot with the status highlighted in the Line Assignments section of the Telephony Area.

You can see that this particular campaign has two dialer's and each one has a different status. Now we will show you the full list of possible statuses you may see on a dialer.

Unscheduled - The campaign is not scheduled. To schedule a campaign you must set a Start and Stop Date, Schedule, and Line Assignments.

Scheduled - The campaign is scheduled and will run according to the schedule you have set.

Stopped - The campaign is stopped by the user on the dialer.

Running and Dialing - The campaign is running on the dialer.

Completed - The campaign has finished processing all records from the Dial List. To process more records you can reset call results or import more data.

Stopped Due to All Agent Lines Busy - All your agent lines are busy. When an agent line becomes free, your campaign will begin to process calls again on this dialer.

Stopped By Admin - The campaign has been stopped by support or due to an internal failure. Please fill out a new trouble ticket so we can track and resolve the issue.

Stopped By Dialer - The campaign has stopped due to the dialer being shut down while running. Please fill out a new trouble ticket so we can track and resolve the issue.

Other Notes

  • All Dialer Status Indicators represent the state of the individual dialer to which the status belongs.
  • You can use multiple dialer's to load balance your campaigns to increase redundancy.
  • If you are running a Live Transfer campaign, you could have 1 dialer which pauses due to all agents busy while another dialer may not have all agents busy and would continue to process calls. Imagine you have 10 agents and you are using 2 dialer's with 95 assigned lines and 5 agent lines on each dialer. You could have one dialer become busy with all 5 agents connected to calls while the other dialer could continue to run with only 3 agents out of 5 connected to calls.
  • You decide on how you want to allocate lines to the available dialer's we allow you to use.
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