Complete Steps For Mass Notification Campaign


Complete Steps For Mass Notification Campaign

This article references multiple articles from the knowledge base in logical steps. This will guide you through all the steps in the appropriate order.

Lets get started!

1. Create a Schedule (opens in new window)

2. Create Mass Notification Campaign (opens in new window)

  • Do not use the Caller ID we used for training purposes. You must supply your own valid number.
  • Decide on whether or not to use Time Zone Scheduling. If you need more information on Time Zone Scheduling, you can reference it here.
  • If you want to target Answering Machines only then you should import the attached blank audio file into the Live Message. You should also choose Leave Message on AM during the campaign setup.
  • You can decide on the remaining options on how you wish to program them.

3. Import Audio Files into Campaign (opens in new window)

4. Import your Database (opens in new window)

5. Remove Duplicates from Dial List (opens in new window)

6. Scrub your Dial List (opens in new window)

  • We do not provide DNC Data. You would either need to subscribe to the National Do Not Call Registry, purchase a scrubbed list, or use a third party service such as Dr. DNC. We do not enforce laws or regulations so it is your choice on how you decide to use the system.

7. Set Lines in Telephony Area (opens in new window)

8. Add Funds in Billing Link (opens in new window)

Receiving Support

To receive support, please follow this documentation.

To learn more please parse our Knowledge Base.

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