Agent Timezone Scheduling

Agent Timezone Scheduling
Agent Timezone Scheduling allows you to set the time zone for agents that are taking live transfers.

This will extend the functionality for any campaigns that have:
  • Time Zone Scheduling Enabled
  • Live Transfers (Agents Receiving Calls)
If you have any campaigns with BOTH features enabled, you will see a new option under Telephony Area to set the timezone and schedule for the agents.


When we apply this new update, the default timezone for agents will be Pacific Time Zone. Here are some important notes to review:
  1. If you have your agents in a different timezone, you can update the agent timezone under Telephony Area.
  2. The same schedule applied to your campaign will be copied for the agent schedule. There is no need to change this unless you want to further control when agents can receive calls.
  3. You can completely disable this feature by setting a 24 hour schedule to the agents.



The reason this feature was put into place is due to limitations on the existing Time Zone feature. Let me explain the pre existing functionality of Time Zone Scheduling so you can understand why this additional feature has been added.

Refer to this help article to understand the full functionality of Time Zone Scheduling being set to ENABLED or DISABLED. (Understand Time Zone Scheduling is an existing feature. Agent Timezone Scheduling extends the functionality)

With Time Zone Scheduling set to DISABLED, calls will go out on the system time clock which is in PST.

With Time Zone Scheduling set to ENABLED, calls will go out for EACH timezone based on the schedule you set.

So if you have a Schedule that is set for 9am to 9pm AND you have Time Zone Scheduling set to ENABLED, each timezone will be allowed to make calls between 9am-9pm if the data for each timezone exists in your dial list.

While that is great control to prevent calls outside specific times for each timezone, it does pose an issue for customers that have agents taking calls during a scheduled work shift.



Imagine you have an office in the East Coast and you have 5 agents that work from 9am-5pm. You will want agents to only receive calls between that time frame. This is where the problem lies.

If you have a schedule set for 6am-2pm with Time Zone Scheduling DISABLED, you will guarantee calls will only be placed during the agent shift. However, you could be calling PST numbers as early as 6am which is bad.

If you have a schedule set for 9am-5pm with Time Zone Scheduling ENABLED, you will protect yourself from calls being placed outside these times. However, calls will continue to 8PM EST if you have PST numbers in your dial list, outside the agents shift.



The Agent Timezone feature simply allows you to specify the time zone of agents on a campaign level. This is done on the Telephony Area link and will only be visible if you have Time Zone Scheduling ENABLED and you are using a Live Transfer campaign.

You will see this screen below:

You can set the same schedule used in the campaign (recommended) OR you can use a different schedule to expand or limit calling hours for the agents.

2PM-5PM Example for Agent TimeZone

The main campaign schedule has precedence over the Agent Timezone settings. If you have a campaign schedule set to run from 2pm-5pm, the agent schedule would not be able to receive calls beyond that schedule logic..

Remember that 2pm-5pm on the main schedule means that with all 4 timezones, you can make calls from:

2pm-8pm EST
1pm-7pm CST
12pm-6pm MST
11am-5pm PST

Agent Shift is what allows you to further limit the Time Zone Enabled logic.

In the above scenario, lets assume you set CST for the agent and you apply a completely new schedule that is set to allow agent calls from 12pm-8pm.

Agents would only receive calls from 1pm-7pm because the main campaign schedule would take precedence and locks in the first rule of time zone management.

It would be best to use the same exact schedule and simply set the appropriate Time Zone. Another words, if you want to receive calls from 12pm-8pm in CST for your agents then you should do the following:

  1. Set Main Schedule from 12-8pm
  2. Enable Time Zone Detection
  3. Set CST and use the same schedule in Telephony Area

This is a very flexible feature and it is left that way to accommodate the various needs of our customers. 

If you wanted to use our normal Time Zone Scheduling and do not want to deal with Agent Timezones, you can simply set a 24-7 schedule for agents and ignore the timezone option in the Telephony Area.

If any of this confuses you, I invite you to open a support ticket or leave a comment below. Feel free to present us with any questions regarding Agent Timezone Scheduling. We will reply with a personalized response that is catered to your situation.

Also remember that all this logic only applies to campaigns that have both Time Zone Scheduling ENABLED and Live Transfers activated.

We hope this feature helps to handle the various scheduling needs of our customers. Please provide any feedback that you feel like communicating with our team.
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