Setting Caller ID


Setting Caller ID

When you create or update a campaign, you can change the Caller ID.

It is important to note that we allow our users to set this by themselves. This gives you a lot of power that you should consider to be a privilege which should be used wisely. Here are some tips you should follow when setting your Caller ID:

  • Use 10 Digit Format
  • Try to Avoid 800 Numbers as a Caller ID
  • Make Sure To Use a Valid Caller ID (Working Number)

Using Toll Free Number as Caller ID

If you use a Toll Free number as a Caller ID, carriers will consider this to be indeterminate jurisdiction. This means it does not fall under Interstate or Intrastate rules because it is an unknown jurisdiction. When this happens some carriers will block traffic or assess the higher of the Interstate or Intrastate rates in order to protect profit. Carriers without that capability may block the traffic.

Invalid Caller ID

If you do not use a valid Caller ID the same situation occurs. Carriers will mark it as indeterminate jurisdiction and the same rules will apply.

It is safest to use a Local DID which in laymen terms means a normal phone number that is valid and has a jurisdiction carriers can rate against. This just prevents potential issues that can arise from carriers who dip and route calls using the LERG.

If you must bend one of these rules, use an 800 number. Please do not use an invalid Caller ID. If you need a Caller ID to use on your calls, contact our support team and we can provide you with a valid Caller ID for your account.

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