Managing Multiple Campaigns


Managing Multiple Campaigns

As soon as you add a second campaign to your account, you should be reading this article to understand how to manage multiple campaigns. Below is a screenshot that shows our test account which contains 10 campaigns.

How To Tell Which Campaign You Are Editing

In the above screenshot I have highlighted the Campaign Session Switcher in yellow. This is an extremely important function of the site.

You can see that currently I am managing AAA - Test Linux (10799)

The name you see in this drop down is the actual campaign name with the ID in parentheses so you can identify in the event you have similarly named campaigns. This ID is also how support will know which campaign you are referring to when you have an issue to report.

When you click on that drop-down you can quickly switch to any other campaign you wish to manage.

Understanding The Scope of Campaigns

If you wanted to add lines, change schedule, import data, download reports, start, stop, or perform any other functions on a campaign. You must be sure you are loaded into the correct campaign for which you want to make those changes.

As you navigate through the site, you will never leave AAA - Test Linux (10799) unless you use a Campaign Session Switcher to change to a different campaign.

So it is important to realize that when you have 10 campaigns, this means you have:

  • 10 different Summary pages to view statistics
  • 10 different Call Flow pages each having their own audio files as well as different user interface depending on campaign type you are managing
  • 10 different Database Management pages for importing, exporting, resetting, deleting, scrubbing, and removing dupes
  • 10 different Tools pages which have a different list of options depending on the campaign type you are managing
  • 10 different Telephony Area pages for Campaign Assignments and Line Assignments

But still only 1 DNC Center and Billing page as this is global to all your campaigns.

Using This Logic Effectively

Lets assume you have just built 10 campaigns and you want to import data into each one. You would navigate to Database Management and under the "Import DialList" section you would upload your list, map it, and load it in.

After this is finished, you would click the Campaign Session Switcher, change the campaign, and follow the same process. In very little time you could have 10 unique campaigns each holding its own unique data.

You can use these same tactics for managing other sections of your account.


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