Understanding the Dashboard


Understanding the Dashboard

The dashboard is where you get a view of all your campaigns along with some basic configuration details. Below is a screenshot of our test account.

Fields in the Dashboard Table

ID - This is the unique ID that we use to identify the campaign. Please refer to the ID when dealing with support rather than the name of the campaign.

Name - This is the name you give your campaign for your own internal tracking purposes.

Description - This is an optional field you can use to add more information about your campaign.

Lines - This is the total amount of lines you have assigned on your campaign.

Start Date - This is the start date of your campaign.

End Date - This is the end date of your campaign.

Schedule - This is the currently bound schedule you are using with your campaign.

Status - This is the campaigns global status.

Other Options in the Dashboard

Besides the basic status information for each campaign, there are also 4 other options in the dashboard that you can utilize.

  • Add Campaign
  • Search Campaign
  • Edit Campaign
  • Delete Campaign
  • Set Pagination for displaying 10, 50, 100, or 250 campaigns at a time

Below is a screenshot highlighting these options.

This is only a basic overview of the dashboard. We have other support articles that can answer deeper questions about some of the content that you see on the dashboard.

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