Schedules allow you to control the calling times on your campaigns. You can create, update, and delete schedules as needed. The same schedule can be used on multiple campaigns, providing flexibility in your scheduling strategies. Below is a screenshot of the Schedules page which is a sub link of the Tools link.

Create Schedule

To create a new schedule you will click on Create Schedule as seen in the screenshot above. When you do this, you will see the screenshot below.

This is where you provide a schedule name and edit the start and stop times for each day of the week. You can also deselect the days you do not wish to dial.

When creating a schedule name, it is best to name your schedule in a way that will make sense when visualizing it from a drop-down menu. For instance, the schedule name Customer Callbacks will not be very helpful to explain how you have programmed your schedule. The schedule name ALL DAYS 9AM-9PM would be a great schedule name as you would be able to identify what that schedule will do.

After creating your schedule, be very careful to double check it for errors. Schedules are very powerful and not forgiving. Any scheduling mistakes could have drastic consequences if not programmed correctly.

Viewing Schedule Times

We have provided an easy way to view your schedule times from the main schedule link. Just below is a screenshot showing what happens when you simply click on any schedule name in your list of schedules.

This expands the schedule showing you the days, start times, and stop times. This is a great way to verify your programming work was performed correctly after you create a new schedule.

Updating Schedules

If you would like to update an existing schedule, you can do so by clicking on the update link for that schedule. Below is a screenshot with the update links highlighted.

Clicking on the update link will bring you into the Update Schedule page as shown below.

Here you can change the schedule name, select or deselect days of the week, and change the start and stop times. When finished you can click Update to complete the changes.

Deleting Schedules

You can delete schedules that you no longer need. To do this, simply click on the delete link as you see highlighted in the screenshot below.

When you click delete, you will get a prompt that says "Are you sure you want to delete the selected schedule?" for which you can click OK to delete.

You cannot delete a schedule if it is currently programmed to a campaign. For your convenience, when you attempt to do this, we will give you a message telling you which campaigns are currently using the schedule. You could then remove the schedule from those campaigns which would allow you to delete the schedule.

Below is a screenshot showing you this notification.

Other Notes

  • Be very careful when assigning a schedule to a campaign. If you have Time Zone Enabled or Disabled it can cause a big difference on the time that the campaign starts and stops.
  • Time Zone Preferences are set on a per campaign basis.
  • The same schedule can be used on multiple campaigns.
  • You bind schedules to campaigns upon campaign creation OR when you update the campaigns settings from the Dashboard.
  • Creating a schedule does not bind it to the campaign you are managing. It only adds the schedule to the available list of schedules you can choose from when creating or updating a campaign in the dashboard.
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