Setting AM Detection Method


Setting AM Detection Method

When you create or edit a campaign, you can change the AM Detection settings.

The 3 options are Leave Message on AM, Hangup on AM, and Do not Use Detection. I will explain the functionality of each of these options.

Leave Message on AM should be set when you are attempting to leave messages on voicemail systems that are reached while running your campaign.

Hangup on AM should be set when you would like to avoid leaving messages on voicemail systems.

Do Not Use Detection should be set when you want to play your message, without any delay, to the live call recipient.

Common Usage:

  • If you want to leave messages on voicemail systems, you should always choose Leave Message on AM
  • When you would like to avoid voicemail systems, you should always choose Hangup on AM
  • When it is vital that the call recipient hear your message, you should always choose Do Not Use Detection

How AM Detection Works

When you are using Leave Message on AM or Hangup on AM, then you are activating the use of AM Detection logic.

For AM Detection to work, we rely on variables that are outside of our control. Therefore the following considerations need to be made regarding this technology:

  • Loud background noise on live answer can cause a false detection
  • Weak "Hello" may not trigger the AM Detection
  • Long greeting on live answer may trigger the AM message
  • Cell phones have a lower success rate
  • Business phones that use IVR have very low success rate

When testing, it is best to keep these things in mind. Try to test towards a land line as they have a much higher success ratio over cell phones. Make sure you say "Hello" when answering the phone and take the call in a quiet setting. If you test thoroughly, you will find that it is consistent with its behavior.

Turning AM Detection OFF

If you do not want to leave messages on answering machines then you are likely to be leaning heavily towards the Hangup on AM option. However, consider the following pros and cons when turning AM Detection OFF.


  • You can be guaranteed every message will play properly to every live answer every single time.
  • There will never be a 2-3 second delay in playing the message.


  • You will also play your live message to voicemail systems AND the message will definitely be truncated from the beginning, depending on the length of greeting until the beep.
  • You will not really know if the answered call disposition was a live person or voicemail system.

Some Tips

  • If you are doing Emergency Broadcasting then it is common to record your message and repeat it 2-3 times on the same record session. This would guarantee proper delivery as well as getting the full message on the voicemail system should you reach one. Depending on your requirements, this may work in your own strategy.
  • If you keep your live message under 15 seconds, the CON of having it play through to voicemail is not as painful as if you had a 45 second live message.

Final Notes

You should weigh out all these variables when coming up with a strategy. It is very common to think about cost before considering all this information. However, for certain situations you may find that the slightly higher cost has a lower ROI due to the perfect delivery of the messages towards live call recipients.




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