Import Individual Record


Import Individual Record

Import Individual Record is a section of the Database Management link. Here is a screenshot below showing this section.

The only required field is Telephone. This feature was added so that users could create a campaign and add a single telephone number prior to importing a database for testing purposes.

You may ask "Then why do you have the Test Call feature in the Telephony Area?"

That is a good question and the answer is a bit complicated. I will do my best to explain in bullets.

  • When you make a Test Call from the telephony area, it only uses 1 carrier which we bind to the campaign automatically upon creation. Sometimes customers have issues with not receiving test calls. When you use the DialList and a normal schedule to drive the calls, we use our extensive LCR which has multiple carriers in route. This is one way to truly test the live system.
  • Customers can test other conditions such as verifying that the schedule times work as intended before running live traffic. Perhaps you are using Time Zone Detection and want to see if the call will pick up and dial in the proper Time Zone as intended.
  • Maybe you have a very light database and you do not need to add many numbers OR you need to add a few numbers "here and there".
  • Perhaps you want to put a campaign into schedule and then add a number to see if it picks up and gives you the call in X amount of time.
  • The test call feature will not populate into reports. Using the DialList to drive the call WILL put the record into reports if you needed to verify reporting tools.

There are many reasons to use this feature. Consider the feature to be useful for troubleshooting and learning purposes.

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